The Christmas Visitor

Yesterday the Book it Sisters reviewed The Christmas Visitor by Anne Perry
(Published October 2004, 199 pages)
Book it Sisters’ Grade: B-

Renowned for her acclaimed Victorian novels as well as a stunning new series set in World War I, Anne Perry consistently dazzles us with stories rife with emotion, intrigue, and psychological depth. She recently expanded her talents with the delightfully rendered novella, “A Christmas Journey,” which “USA Today” called “one of the best books to brighten the joyous season.” Now she has given readers another gift-a yuletide offering full of holiday magic . . . and murder.
The Dreghorn family is gathering for an anticipated reunion in the Lake District of England. The blissful tranquility of the snowbound estate, however, is soon shattered by what appears to be an accidental death. The victim’s distraught wife, Antonia, summons her godfather, distinguished mathematician and inventor Henry Rathbone-one of the most beloved characters from Perry’s bestselling William Monk series. But questions about the tragic event turn into whispers of murder, sending shock waves among members of the Dreghorn clan, who haven’t seen each other in ten years.
Now Rathbone must put his analytical and creative capacities to the test as he assumes the role of an amateur investigator. But while searching for clues and mulling over potential motives, he cannot help but wonder: Will another poor soul meet the same untimely end-and be silenced like the night?
In this Christmas novella, featuring a colorful, somewhat eccentric cast of characters and an irresistible plot as twisty as a ribbon, Rathbone rescues the holiday with a grace that would impress William Monk himself.

Our Review

Suzanne RigbyB-I know I read it very quickly, but I felt that some things were left unanswered and a little loosey-goosey with the plot. However, I do love a good story set in the British countryside! The characters were all good strong people and I'm glad it ended on high moral ground.
Samantha HarrisonCI had to start this several times and while it had an unexpected ending that was nice, it wasn't a book I would probably read again.
Mary HalseyBLoved the weather and how it played into the plot...a bit loose with some things not clear or undeveloped...unexpected ending that whole family made the right choice to forgive and make things right for the bitter wrongly used man.
Judy BushAGood mystery with satisfying ending. Enjoyed getting to know the Dreghorn family. They are a unique bunch. Also like Henry Rathbone. Liked the Christmas thoughts on forgiveness and walking figuratively where the Savior walked.
Cheryl ClowesBI enjoyed the story and the imagery. I really wanted to know what happened to Judah. I liked the twist in the conclusion. The overall theme of family, Chrsitmas and honor made me smile in the end.
Anna McDanielsC+It took me awhile to get “into” the story line. It was a good mystery with an interesting and unexpected twist.

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