This week the Book It Sisters reviewed Enchantment, by Orson Scott Card.
Published May 2005
442 Pages
Book it Sisters’ Grade: B+

As one of the most consistently exciting writers to emerge in the last twenty-five years, Orson Scott Card has been honored with numerous awards, immersing readers in dazzling worlds only he could create. Now, in Enchantment, Card works his magic as never before, transforming the timeless story of Sleeping Beauty into an original fantasy brimming with romance and adventure.

The moment Ivan stumbled upon a clearing in the dense Carpathian forest, his life was forever changed. Atop a pedestal encircled by fallen leaves, the beautiful princess Katerina lay still as death. But beneath the foliage a malevolent presence stirred and sent the ten-year-old Ivan scrambling for the safety of Cousin Marek’s farm.

Now, years later, Ivan is an American graduate student, engaged to be married. Yet he cannot forget that long-ago day in the forest–or convince himself it was merely a frightened boy’s fantasy. Compelled to return to his native land, Ivan finds the clearing just as he left it.

This time he does not run. This time he awakens the beauty with a kiss . . . and steps into a world that vanished a thousand years ago.

A rich tapestry of clashing worlds and cultures, Enchantment is a powerfully original novel of a love and destiny that transcend centuries . . . and the dark force that stalks them across the ages.

Suzanne RigbyBI thought it was a great plot of travel through time and the fairy tale played out over time was interesting. I thought the first half was a little slow, but it picked up when they reached modern day. I'm not a big fan of fantasy books, but this one was worth reading.
Samantha HarrisonBI thought it was interesting learning about the Russian story and some of the customs through the ages. A pretty easy read, a little wordy in some parts that made it slow.
Mary HalseyAI love this version of sleeping beauty,,,a fun read
Judy BushA-This book was a totally enjoyable read right from the begining. The setting in Russia was interesting and the characters people you liked. Sometimes the rules of magic seemed contrived or inconsistent, but it was forgivable, as Scott's writing style is engaging.
Cheryl ClowesB+I enjoyed the book very much. The description of the country side and about the culture of the kingdom. I also like how the relationship of Ivan and the princess grew. I also liked how Ivan and the Princess thought about what to bring back to help with the war. Overall, it was very enjoyable.
Anna McDanielsB-Light enjoyable read.
Silke ElsnerB-The story was too slow for me, the writing was uneven; oldfashioned and wordy in the old times, somewhat modern but reverting to old-fashioned in the new time. The application of magic was uneven. All in all the book made antsy while reading; I needed it to end.

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